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Calcium Chloride Dust Control

We are an authorized distributor for Tiger Calcium. They are one of the largest calcium chloride producers in North America, the largest in Canada, and Tiger’s premium calcium chloride is manufactured in Alberta. We exclusively use their Formula 35 Premium Calcium Chloride product for our dust control projects.

We have storage for 200,000 litres of product in our yard located in Virden, Manitoba. We keep product on site from April until late fall.

Our applicator truck is a Tandem axle with an 11,000 litre tank equipped with an 8’, 12’ or 16’ spray bar, ideal for doing back lanes or a single 16′ pass on municipal roads. Our applicator truck is equipped with a 3” PTO-driven Roper pump with an onboard Raven flow meter that tracks exact usage at each site. The truck is calibrated for 1.8 litres/m2 for rural roads and 1.3 litres/m2 for in-town or low traffic areas (recommended by Tiger Calcium). Our applicator truck has strobes and beacons to meet government lighting standards.

For larger applications, we have a highway tractor and a set of b-trains that supply the applicator truck with an additional 28,000 litres of product.

For more information regarding pricing or to get on our application list call Deven at 204-851-5866 or email

Clarke's Contracting - Calcium Applicator Truck
Calcium Truck and Nurse Trailers

Road Stabilization / Rock Crushing

Our Gravel Road Stabilization and Rock Crushing operation grinds up large stones embedded in the road surface and turns them into golf ball size or smaller stones and incorporates them all back into the road.  This strengthens the road surface, establishes a new crown and improves drainage. This process refurbishes the top 6” of the road, making it like a new road, without the stones. For more information regarding the process and pricing, call Deven 204-851-5866 or email

Clarke's Contracting - Stone Crusher

Rock Crushing Videos

Oilfield Lease Maintenance

The services we provide for oilfield lease maintenance include mowing, fertilizing, cultivating and disking of leases. We also supply gravel and miscellaneous aggregate materials to repair leases, lease roads and build berms around infrastructure. In the winter months we supply snow removal and sanding services.

Heavy Equipment Contracting

Clarke’s Contracting has several pieces of heavy equipment to provide many different services for commercial or agricultural needs. Our equipment includes tandem axle gravel trucks, wheel loaders, backhoe, grader and tractors. We have many agricultural attachments for the tractors.

Winter Sand / Salt Ice Control

Clarke’s Contracting has a tandem axle 10 yard sand/salt spreader. All of our sand salt mix is stored in a shed to keep it out of the elements. We provide sand truck services, bulk sand deliveries, or you can pick up product from our yard. We service everything from driveways, parking lots, to municipal roads.

Clarke's Contracting - Sand Truck

Snow Removal

Clarke’s Contracting has two pay loaders with 12’ snow blades and a Schulte snow blower for all your snow removal needs. We provide services for local businesses, the oilfield and the farming community. We can also haul away snow piles with our loaders and tandem trucks.

Clarke's Contracting - Loader and Snow Blades